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Nitreo is the Instagram bot you've been waiting for

Grow your Instagram with Nitreo, your favorite new growth service. We've got all the features an Instagram bot would have and loads more, plus a dedicated customer success team are here to add that much-needed human touch.

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2 Minutes Setup • Real Results • Get More Instagram Followers
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Grow your Instagram fast

Nitreo does everything an Instagram bot does, plus more

Nitreo is just like putting your Instagram on autopilot with an Instagram bot. We've got tons of core automation features including following and unfollowing, comment liking, story viewing, and more. To top it all off, you get a dedicated success manager when you sign up, giving you a much needed human touch to really get your results moving up.

Nitreo does not:

  • Give you fake engagement
  • Underdeliver like other Instagram bots

Nitreo is all about

  • Giving you an organic growth experience
  • Getting you followers faster
  • Building up your Instagram niche with added automation
The best Instagram bot on the market

Instagram Bot with A.I. features

Pick up followers faster with fantastic niche accuracy. Nitreo was built from the bottom up to get you more followers, more engagement, and ultimately more conversions. We're used by thousands of growth marketers, businesses, and creators - helping them grow their Instagram every day with programmatic intelligence and machine learned improvements.

2 Minutes Setup • Real Results • Get More Instagram Followers

@crossfitjunkiesociety / 18.2k Followers

What a fantastic way to grow our Instagram. Other Instagram bots never worked, so we're pretty chuffed that Nitreo does everything it says it should!

Kelly, Lifestyle Niche

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Quick setup

Setting up takes a few seconds, just connect your Insta account and fill in some hashtags and similar users.

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Start growing

Get more followers, likes and engagement on the daily. All your results are real.

Build your audience

You just have to focus on putting out the right content on Instagram. All the growth related stuff is taken care of by Nitreo.

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A.I. & Human Intervention

Our automation uses machine learning to squeeze out the best results for your account. Our success managers step in to make improvements for you too.

💡 Dozens of automation features

Interested in learning more about everything Nitreo offers? Check out our features for a full overview, or compare us to other Instagram bots like Socialcaptain.

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Thousands of Instagram bot users

Creators and businesses love us

Nitreo has thousands of creators, businesses, and social media managers using the best Instagram bot on the market - Nitreo. We help them scale their accounts daily with more followers, likes and general engagement across the board. Learn more about our customers and see what they have to say!

Even if you're just looking for an Instagram assistant - Nitreo's got you covered.

Grow Your Instagram Faster

The best Instagram bot

Based on our features alone - Nitreo's probably the best Instagram bot you'll ever try. With smart targeting and simple-to-use automation features - you're looking at a streamlined way of growing your Instagram account.

Automation Feature

Get more followers by following & unfollowing

Like you'd expect, Nitreo helps you grow by following & unfollowing just like an Instagram follow bot would. The difference is, Nitreo doesn't blindly select users to target. Based on a proprietary scoring algorithm, we select and curate the very best accounts to follow. This yields you better results over time.

  • Save time by automating your following/unfollowing
  • Clean and trackable way of growing your Instagram account
  • Results get better over time, not worse
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💡 Keeping your account clean

Nitreo mutes accounts it follows to make sure your Instagram feed doesn't get messy. Not only that, all our automation takes place on real phones, meaning you'll not be exposed to action blocks or trigger spam penalties. That's a guarantee.

Automation Feature

View stories, like comments, and more

Nitreo also views stories, likes comments, and participates in Instagram live sessions for you, saving you hours of manual engagement time. These settings are tweaked by your dedicated account manager, giving you a sweet little push beyond just growing with the follow/unfollow method.

  • Save literal hours of your own time
  • Engagement is given a better push
  • Stay top of mind in activity feeds on IG
  • Pick up more followers than you normally would
Get your Instagram growing
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Machine Learning

Smart hashtags, follower copying, and location targets 📍

Nitreo uses a unique scoring algorithm to rank hashtags and followers based on your initial setup, applying optimizations over time. You're also able to target users based on their location, giving your audience growth actual relevancy.

  • Smart targeting solution
  • More Instagram bot features than you'd typically expect
  • Followers are consistently higher quality
  • Audiences are hyper engaged
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💡 Finding the right targets

Use Nitreo's hashtag generator to help maximize the relevancy of your hashtag targets. Hashtags that are selected via the hashtag generator are found to increase results by 23%*. The hashtag generator is already pre-bundled into Nitreo for all users to enjoy.

*Sample size of 1732 Instagram accounts. A/B tested over a 30 day interval.

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Signups close in

Every Nitreo user gets a dedicated account manager that reviews their settings and improvements over time. We limit signups to make sure our success team doesn't get overloaded, ensuring our users get the very most out of our platform. Customer care is more important to us. If you miss the boat, no worries. We regularly re-open signups at least once a month.

Start growing your Instagram now:

2 Minutes Setup • Real Results • Grow Your Instagram
So much more

Start using the best IG bot today

Nitreo is a fully-fledged automation solution for growing your Instagram account - tasks are performed by Nitreo and improvements are applied automagically, with the added value of a human touch to make sure you get the most ouf our platform. Here are some extra features that you won't find working elsewhere:

Advanced Parameters

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Adapt your targeting based on follow-back ratios and engagement rates.


whitelisting and export feature icon

Suggestions and improvements are provided and auto applied for you.

Whitelist & Blacklist

Icon for auto blacklisting users on Nitreo

Your account won't ever engage with anything dodgy with our auto-blacklist feature.

Added Human Touch

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Dedicated account managers are ready to help improve your account growth whenever you need them.

☕ $1.57 per day

Billed at $49/ mo

Affordably priced

  • Real Instagram Followers
  • Organic engagement
  • Instagram Management App
  • Less than a cup of coffee a day ☕
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What's Nitreo again?

Nitreo is a fully-fledged Instagram growth service that helps you grow your Instagram account. Some would call it an Instagram bot of sorts, but we believe Nitreo offers so much more. Check out our features to learn more.

What's the growth like?

The majority of Nitreo customers see growth of hundreds of followers in the first few days to two weeks. These results improve over time as your settings are improved.

What's pricing like?

$1.57 a day or $49 a month. By signing up to annual plans, you can save 40%. Plans are billed monthly, every 6 months, or once a year. You can cancel at any time.

Is there a free trial?

Unfortunately we do not offer free trials. Nitreo cares more about customer success and growth rather than a large volume of new sign ups. We add an account manager to every Nitreo user to make sure your growth is successful. We wouldn't be able to do this using a free trial model, sorry.

Chief Marketer / 22.7k Followers

This is an amazing way of getting in touch with all our customers on a personal level. Growing our brand awareness is key, and that's exactly what Nitreo helps us with.

Chunhua Zhiang, Director of Marketing APAC

Learn More

Need more info?

No worries! We recommend that any new user who's not sure about Nitreo just yet should get in touch with our customer success. They'll answer your questions ASAP and help you get started. Otherwise, sign up now and start growing your Instagram!

Automation + Human Success

Before you decide! Our customer success has the best first-time-to-response (FTTR) rate in the industry. Each account manager helps you optimize your account over time, giving you that extra human touch to help get your account more results while your account grows programmatically. Sign up today and see for yourself!

2 Minutes Setup • Real Results • Get Instagram Followers Fast
  • #1 first-time-to-response, Nov 2019
  • Results-driven customer success
  • Get a dedicated account assistant to grow your Instagram
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